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You can see what each registered site discharges by popping a relevant
postcode or location into the EA "what's in your backyard" facility.

A quick search relevant to Chilton area reveals that Oxford Radcliffe
Hospital discharged just over 300GBq and Reading Royal Berkshire just
over 100GBq in 2009. 

In contrast, I believe the Annual Limit for Sizewell B is 0.5GBq (quoted
from the EA GDA Consultation Document for the AP1000) although this
relates to a gaseous discharge so not directly comparable.

Best regards


Fred Dawson
New Malden


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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Iodine measurements in Europe

I received several questions about the incident referenced in the article
that came out today.  I was wondering if any of our European colleagues on
the list could give any details to what the incident may be that has

I have read the update posted on the IAEA website today where they are
trying to locate the source.

It does not  appear to be plausible to be attributed to Fukushima at this

Any additional information would be helpful as the questions came from the
first responder community that I work with.

Many thanks,

Kathy McLellan

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