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I have tried Android versions, they readily detect radium antiques, uranium ores, but take long count times to detect gamma from Cs 137, U 238, and thorium.  Definitely not health physics quality.

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>Has anyone tried this product?
>I have not tried it and am not endorsing it, just wondering if anyone has checked to see how well it works.
>WikiSensor dosimeter
>This is a software application for the Apple iPhone that uses the video camera ("Facetime" camera above the screen) to measure gamma and x-ray radiation. The camera lens is covered with opaque tape (such as black "electrical tape"). In a low radiation background area, the software measures the camera pixel "hits" in thirty seconds. This is used as the reference level subtracted from future measurements. Then, when the user selects a measurement, a 30 second measurement is made and the net pixel hit counts (measurement minus reference level) is converted into a rate in microsieverts per hour. Video shows tests with I-131 and Tc-99m.  A PDF file (in French) is also available for download showing counts from a "Cesium" and "Cobalt" sources.
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