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Otto, you are right. 
But actual dose response is biphasic, even for the A-Bomb LSS. They just draw a straight line thought the biphasic points. I was recently sent (as a referee) a new paper by RERF doing just that trick. I recommended rejection.

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>I know that all studies are based on this quantity. But this 
>quantity is not the same as the ionisation density at the DNA. Any 
>schoolkid could work that out with a pencil. Thats why you multiply 
>by 20 for alphas. Why do you think you multiply by 20 for alphas. It 
>used to be callesd relative biologcal effectiveness RBE.  Are you 
>saying that a decay in the cytoplasm has the same carcinogenic 
>effect as a decay in the coiled DNA of an element chemically bound 
>to it? It seems you are. Take tyritium. The beta range is so small 
>that ALL the decays in the cytoplasm are lost energy. So the effects 
>must be due to those few atoms that approach rthe DNA or some other 
>key target. Yet Tritium has a RBE of 1.0. Therefore the few atoms 
>that are near the DNA must have a RBE of several thousand to account 
>for the lost energy ionsining the cytoplasm.  ICRP originally 
>decided as far back as 1972 to add a weighting factor N to internal e
>  mitters that bound to DNA. I was told this by one of the ICRP 
> people in Stockholm last year. They dropped the idea. But ECRR 
> picked it up (independently, since we didnt know in 2003 that ICRP 
> had done this


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