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Oct. 11

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Steven Dapra

At 11:58 AM 10/11/2011, you wrote:

>Dear Tony Harrison MSPH
>It is a difference in Uranium content (and Uranium isotopes) in hair 
>between Sweden and Fallujah.
>It has nothing to do with pre and ante natal care in Sweden and Fallujah.
>Why would you imagine Uranium in hair has anything to do with pre 
>and ante natal care in Sweden? What is your logic??????????
>If you are saying that the levels of Congenital anomalies are higher 
>in Iraq than in Sweden becasue of pre/ante natal care you are wrong. 
>We disposed of that one in a previous paper where we compared with 
>Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait and indeed in this one were we draw 
>attemntion to the significant increase in congenital anomalies in 
>the children of Gulf War veterans.
>The reason there were no controls for births without congenital 
>anomalies is that everyone was contaminated. The controls were 
>Sweden, Israel, other countries where U was measured in hair. Check the paper.

         I doubt that "everyone" in Iraq was contaminated with U that 
came from warfare.  Warfare wasn't going on all over Iraq, so how can 
everyone have been contaminated?  Was everyone in Iraq "downwind" 
from fighting?

>Buit what none of you have commented on is the fact that we measured 
>ENRICHED Uranium.

         So what if you did measure enriched U?  Since ample DU is 
available for weapons, why would anyone use enriched U in a 
weapon?  Isn't enriched U too valuable to be thrown away as a 
weapon?  Was your paper about U in hair, or was it about whether or 
not enriched U was (supposedly) used in Iraq?

Steven Dapra

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>Had he picked controls from Fallujah who DID NOT have babies with 
>abnormalities, he could have made a nice case/control study out of 
>it.  It's not likely that he'd have seen an effect from uranium, so 
>I guess that explains why he didn't do that.
>I think he's mostly comparing the quality of pre-natal care in 
>Sweden to that in Iraq.  Significant difference!  I'm shocked!
>Tony Harrison, MSPH
>Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
>Laboratory Services Division


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