[ RadSafe ] The Bereted Wonder and his Pills

Busby, Chris C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk
Sat Oct 15 08:44:21 CDT 2011

Visiting Professor, not Visiting Assistant Professor. 

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Busby intimates to this list that he is a genuine scientist; he also
puts that pretense out to the University of Ulster that has tendered
him an appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor.  In that guise,
he claimed to have advanced the state of depleted uranium research,
but that paper does not seem to have ever been published in print or
on-line (his mode of preference since they ask the fewest questions
and do not rigidly question junk science or snake oil salesmen).  This
was just sent to me from a friend.

It would seem that Fukushima has produced an opportunity for snake oil



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