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Dear Steven,

Chris Busby is not alone in selling magic pills against radiation. For the past two years, I have been keeping track of a company which sells what is known as "BioshieldRadiation". Their claims have no basis. They were marketing an expensive dietary supplement for radiation workers, frequent fliers, people resident near nuclear power plants etc. The company managed to get their product endorsed by some interventional cardiologists. The contact is mutually beneficial. Cardiologists can use CT scan units in an unbridled way, because if the patients consume their magic pill, the ill effects of radiation will vanish!!. Some cardiologists are prescribing the pill to their patients. Auntminnie.com a trade journal published an article on the pill without asking any questions. The company did not publish any papers on their product in a peer reviewed journal. They presented papers in conferences; they published press releases.

An adviser to the company claimed that the company secured an order worth millions of dollars from Japan for the magic pills after the Fukushima accident.  US FDA caught up with them and issued the following warning letter.


The company continued to sell on line the magic pill for several months. Recently, their once attractive web site is getting redesigned. They have withdrawn the earlier contents, possibly to satisfy the USFDA.

Believe it or not a prestigious medical journal from the UK accepted a paper from me against the magic pill for publication as a feature article, revealed its soft underbelly, dilly dallied for several months and informed me that they cannot publish it for fear of litigation!

Radiation safety professionals must be constantly alert against the snake oil merchants!


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Oct. 15

         "Not sanctioned" by you, but the magic pills are in bottle 
that says "Busby Labs" and you are pushing them as hard as you 
can.  What do you have to do before your sanction is on a product?

         What are your medical qualifications to tell anyone what 
medicines or medicinals he should take?  Sounds to me like you are 
getting very close to practicing medicine without a license.

Steven Dapra

At 07:46 AM 10/15/2011, you wrote:
>Not sanctioned by me; All I do is say what they should take. They 
>can get it at the health food shop.
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>Bereted Wonder and his Pills
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>If there was ever any doubt that "Dr. Chris"....  was a scaremonger who it
>could be argued exemplifies the worst actions of a con-man trying to profit
>by misleading vulnerable people,  they should look at the link posted by
>Roger Helbig below.
>Dr. Phil had better watch out since Dr. Chris wants to bump Dr. Phil out of
>the limelight by presenting world-saving YouTube performances about the
>dangers of Fukushima.
>Rad protection specialists perhaps should set up an initiative that might be
>termed, as a working name,  the "Berating of the Bereted".
>However, if you really can't resist, and want to pattern yourself after Dr.
>Chris, you can spend $4.00  USD online and buy your own beret:
>The so-called "Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" [really, I am
>not making this up]  established by Dr. Chris is now hyping the sale of a
>mineral supplement that Dr. Chris claims will protect children from
>"radioactivity binding to the DNA" released from the Fukushima accident [
>see:  http://www.4u-detox.com/
>and look at the Youtube video of Dr. Chris himself selling his
>detox/radioprotective pills while he swings on a children's swing in an
>empty playground in Sweden].
>These little magic Busby detox pills [for which he is charging 8000 yen =
>$75 US a bottle - no joke] contain nothing more than the following 4
>minerals,  Mg, Se, Mo, and Ca. I've show a colum below of the US DV or RDA
>for each of these 4 minerals, and the amount of these 4 minerals found in a
>random multi-vitamin [my Mom's multi-vitamin in this case]:
>             Busby Detox    Daily Value [DV]      My Mom's
>            Pills [$75 ]      US Recommended     Multivitamins [$8 per 150
>tabs] [+ 36 other
>             Per Bottle                                             vitamins
>& minerals
>          ____________     ______________      _____________
>Magnesium   300 mg             400                100
>Selenium    50 micro-gm         70                 20
>Molybdenum  25 micro-gm         75                 75
>Calcium     66 mg [*]         1000 mg             200 mg of Ca
>Note: Busby's little magic detox pill is listed as having 800 mg of Calcium
>Lactate of which only 66 mg is Calcium.
>As seen above, the US DV for each mineral [a minimal amount that people
>should normally be able to obtain via their diet] is more than that
>contained in the Busby magic DNA/detox pills costing $75 a bottle.
>So if the Children of Fukushima want to be protected in an equivalent manner
>to that afforded by the magic little Rad Protective Detox Pills,  they could
>save their $75 by not sending it to the Dr. Chris...... Foundation, and take
>any normal multivitamin and wash it down with 55 ml [ one-quarter cup or 2
>oz.] of milk equal to the 66 mg of Calcium in the magic pills, since milk
>contains 1200 mg/liter of Calcium.
>What a scam. Can someone be arrested for assault and battery on the truth?
>Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
>Scientists Committee Opposing Radiation Nescience [SCORN]
>Foundation for Truth and Justice
>Bridgeport, CT 06606
>email: SAFarber at optonline.net

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