[ RadSafe ] Findings of enriched U in Fallujah and elsewhere

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Tue Oct 18 19:42:39 CDT 2011

Oct. 18

         This link is to the "Independent" article by Robert 
Fisk.  Article is dated Oct. 28, 2006.


         Fisk's article is based largely on a "report" by Busby.

         Fisk claims that five years after the US attack on Iraq in 
1991 a "plague of cancers emerged across the south of Iraq."  A five 
year latency period for cancer?

Steven Dapra

At 09:25 AM 10/18/2011, you wrote:
><<[as well as Fallujah]...Enriched Uranium signatures have also 
>turned up in other recent battlefields, notably in the Lebanon, 
>where soil from a missile crater in Khiam and also dust from an 
>ambulance air filter both showed the presence of Enriched Uranium in 
>2006, a finding reported in The Independent by Robert Fisk. The 
>authors are unable to explain why these weapons contain or produce 
>slightly enriched Uranium and call for the military to now reveal 
>the truth about the weapons systems being employed in modern battlefields. >>
>It is not clear from Prof Busby's post where these mass 
>spectrometric measurements were done. What I do think is that that 
>the laboratory has an uncorrected measurement bias. Try running a 
>soil or grass sample from Green Audit's back garden in the same lab, 
>you may scare yourself. To extrapolate an uncorrected measurement 
>bias to conclude the existence and widespread use of enriched 
>uranium weaponry is rather silly.

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