[ RadSafe ] Findings of enriched U in Fallujah and elsewhere

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Oct 20 19:37:19 CDT 2011

Oct. 20

         Yes, it is peculiar how Visiting Professor Busby can afford 
to go jetting all over the place.  Two or three months ago I seem to 
recall him pleading virtual poverty.

Steven Dapra

At 05:52 AM 10/20/2011, you wrote:
>And the lab and custody chain reports are provided where?  Bet that they do
>not exist and that no independent verification can be provided since neither
>statement is true.   What I do not understand is how someone with a
>doctorate in an field of science can be so unscientific and just a fanatical
>prevaricator.  Who is really paying you, Busby?  You have to have an angle.
>You certainly are not professional maker of false claims about depleted
>uranium and radiation without some recompense.  Let's take a simple one, who
>paid your expenses to testify at Coroner Robin Ballmain's inquest into the
>death from colon cancer of former Royal Army Corporal Stewart Dyson?  I am
>sure you did not just fabricate and write your lengthy report and physically
>attend and testify at the inquest totally on your own ha'penny.  Then there
>were the expert witness trips to the US; I am sure there was recompense for
>at least the travel expenses if not an actual fee for materials preparation
>and time spent being prepared for the stand and actually testifying.  This
>entire list wants to know how to profit from not being a sound scientist and
>not having any actual ethical conscience.  I do not expect any of them to
>mold themselves to your model.
>Roger Helbig


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