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Hi Radsafe:
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       Welcome to Monday...
                Prior posts were made here about growing Tissue, Organs 
etc. from tissue  samples,
DNA samples, skin patches, stem cells etc.  Growth is occuring in  Petri 
dishes or other lab-ware.
Other people than me are doing this work.  Kudos to them.
       I'll take this one step further.   Apologies to those who are 
offended.  This is not about breast
augmentation, but could be in the future.
       Apparently, lab folks can grow livers,  ears etc. in the laboratory. 
 Why not grow a whole
breast or two for a given patient, especially a patient who has lost a  
breast or two to cancer???
Clearly, such a surgery would be quite challenging and a bit time  
consuming.  Has such a surgery
been done already???  Perhaps, it will wait for the future????
        I'm sure the medical health  physicists, medical physicists and 
medical doctors on radsafe
can point out the various downsides of such breast replacement surgery,  
especially after 
breast removal due to cancer.  Too aggressive a treatment????   Many nerves 
and blood vessels to
reattach.  Oh My.
        Apparently natural gas drilling  crews are at work in Pennsylvania 
(USA) now.  Imagine buying a small
vacation home in the Poconoes (PA) and receiving some of the profits from  
natural gas being
pumped out of the Marcellus shale.   Hmmmm.
        Apparently, people from all over  the world??? are buying 
relatively cheap real estate in the USA now???   Wonder if the Saudi's are buying 
North Dakota, with its natural resource  deposits????
        The second ??? season of Gold  Rush Alaska (USA) will be on TV 
soon???  Wonder if this crew
of mechanically inclined fellows will be allowed to re-occupy their  
original gold claim/site???
They are getting close to bedrock where the gold might be.  For a good  
geology reference on
river bedload transport/sedimentology, see the book by Middleton and  
Funny, these guys have a device onsite which will separate gold etc. from  
magnetic materials.
They also have some sort of vibrating table (which doesn't work for them)  
which can separate gold from
         Regards,    Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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