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I have skinny-dipped the waters of the Prypiat Swamp and played in the
waters of Brazil.  Maybe I'm just a swamp rat, but I really enjoyed swimming
in the Prypiat River above the power plant.  I was less enthused about the
beaches of Brazil although the streams around Pocos de Caldas in Minas
Gerais were beautiful! You might know that there was an active uranium /
molybdenum mine named "Osama Utsumi" nearby.

I worked two years at the Sosny Labs near Minsk on a Chernobyl remediation
project and can find a couple of English speaking colleagues that are very
familiar with "The Zone".  Remember that most of the radioactive debris went
north into Belarus!

I hope that your video includes a ride up the Prypiat River to include some
of the oxbows and swamp area.

Contact me privately.

Dan ii

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I am preparing a video  for which we will visit both the surroundings of
the Chernobyl area as well as the beaches of Guarapari in Brazil. The
first is considered hell on earth, the second paradise, but nevertheless
the radiation levels in hell are much lower then in paradise. We intend
to contrast the two with a permanent on screen Geiger counter and hope
to convey the message that we are unnecessarily radiophobic.  Everything
will be recorded in HD by a professional cameraman, in case you
wondered. The vid will be available on the internet from the summer of

In Brazil however they speak Portuguese and in Ukraine (is Ukrainian a
different language then Russian, I do not know?), so I am very much
looking for English speaking contacts in both areas that are more or
less knowledgeable on radiation . Are these people in this group, or can
anyone refer me?

Many thanks

Theo Richel

theo at richel.org
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