[ RadSafe ] Video Guarapari - Chernobyl

Sergio Faermann sergio at bgu.ac.il
Sat Oct 29 12:26:21 CDT 2011

Dear Theo

It seems to me an excellent idea.
I am a brazilian medical physicist and health physicist working and living in Israel for 30 years, but of course portuguese is my mother language. I can of course help you, and also I can find someone near the area of Guarapari who can help.

Best regards

Sergio Faermann,Ph.D.

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From: Theo Richel <theo at richel.org>
Date: Saturday, October 29, 2011 18:02
Subject: [ RadSafe ] Video Guarapari - Chernobyl
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> LS,
> I am preparing a video  for which we will visit both the 
> surroundings of
> the Chernobyl area as well as the beaches of Guarapari in 
> Brazil. The
> first is considered hell on earth, the second paradise, but 
> neverthelessthe radiation levels in hell are much lower then in 
> paradise. We intend
> to contrast the two with a permanent on screen Geiger counter 
> and hope
> to convey the message that we are unnecessarily 
> radiophobic.  Everything
> will be recorded in HD by a professional cameraman, in case you
> wondered. The vid will be available on the internet from the 
> summer of
> 2012.
> In Brazil however they speak Portuguese and in Ukraine (is 
> Ukrainian a
> different language then Russian, I do not know?), so I am very much
> looking for English speaking contacts in both areas that are 
> more or
> less knowledgeable on radiation . Are these people in this 
> group, or can
> anyone refer me?
> Many thanks
> Theo Richel
> theo at richel.org
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