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Hi Radsafe:
     From:     _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)   .
     Happy Monday.  2 more months to go in  2011.  Will the world end as 
predicted by the Mayan
people (in 2012?
     Mars is a USSR (or whatever) computer code for  Monte Carlo transport.
     Mars (USA) makes Snicker's Candy Bars (Happy  Halloween!!!)
     Snow now in the northeastern USA ---  phooey...
     Am just getting around to some older radsafe  e-mail posts.  Long 
lived Radionuclides.
     Tritium (not long lived), C-14, Tc-99,  I-129 (and NP 237???) all are 
quite mobile in
groundwater --- and are thus important for offsite radionuclide (by  
ingestion) dose equivalent
rates.  See computer codes Presto, Modflow, Porflo, Femwater,  Femwaste, 
Lewater, Lewaste????,
and more recent computer codes for groundwater transport.  Some of  these 
computer codes
are available from the Oak Ridge Radiation Shielding Information Center  
(RSICC????) for a 
handling charge.  When I last did such modelling, Femwater was  usable on a 
computer.  Considering how wonderful PC's are today, there must be a  
really wonderful
Femwater version for PC's nowadays????
     I'm not in the world of Apple computers (and low  spam/virus reality). 
 So, if you are running 
a PC with windows, consider buying a second $300.00 PC, which never is  
exposed to 
computer codes from the internet.  Back up your computer as  needed.
     On your computer which is hooked up to the  internet, backup the 
computer as needed.
And perhaps have a copy of your original installation software, so you  can 
always set up your
computer in original software configuration.  Reinstall lost  software??? 
as needed also.
     I'd say more, but you guys are doing pretty  well on your own.
     What has become of the the rather small  nuclear reactors, which might 
supply towns and
cities (with power) that are off grid????
      I don't want to talk about this  much, but our one pretty anti-nuke 
poster set forth an e-mail a 
while ago that said something strange that Raman Effect/Spectroscopy had  a 
somewhat shaky,
or Kludgy basis in Quantum Mechanics.  I'm not a grad level  physicist, but 
can read
Sakurai's Advanced Quantum Mechanics (i.e. Relativistic Quantum  Mechanics) 
book on my own.
It has a section on the Raman Effect etc., complete with Quantum  
Mechanical math
equations.  Those persons interested in this, should refer to  Sakurai's 
book.  It's not an easy
      Gold Rush Alaska (year 2) has started on  TV.  Dakota Fred (now a 
competitor) has bought the
original Alaska claim the Oregon crew had been working, so now the crew  
from Oregon needs to 
find another claim (in the Klondike???) to work on.  Funny, they  have a TV 
crew filming their
exploits/work, so maybe they are getting paid somewhat by the TV  network???
      Like I said before, the gold crew has a  device for separating 
magnetic materials from the rest of the
gold/dirt.  Also, they have something called a wave table for  separating 
gold from dirt.  Do a google
search on wave table.
     In one of my earlier e-mails to radsafe, I think  I remember sending 
in an idea for separating 
some of the mobile radionuclides from spent nuclear fuel.  Maybe a  better 
idea would be to use
these here fast neutron reactors (Th/U233 cycle???) to use more of the  
Uranium fuel.
      The classic??? film Night of the Living  Dead was on TV last night.  
Filmed in black and
white (fortunately) with a relatively small budget, and used residents of  
Pittsburgh (USA) as
actors.  Of course, radiation was ultimately responsible for  creation of 
the many Zombies
in this film.  Hope regular folks don't believe that this scenario  is 
really true.
       Maybe the folks who had their  reactors stopped from further 
construction after TMI should 
band together and legally go after the EPA, state agencies etc. for  
stopping their projects.
Like the e-mail by Farber said, many people may have suffered from lung  
disease, cancer, etc.
from these reactors NOT being built.  A few e-mails about this  problem 
(e-mails sent to radsafe)
may be less than sufficient.
       Have a good work  week...    Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig.,  

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