[ RadSafe ] DU not toxicologically identical to non D-U

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I would presume a Uranium "fume" is vaporized uranium and Uranium vaporizes
at what temperature?

Here is an article on the vaporization of Uranium Oxide using laser pulses -

Laser‐pulse vaporization of uranium dioxide and other refractory

Olander, D. R.; Yagnik, S. K.; Tsai, C. H.;
Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California and Materials
and Chemical Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley,
California 94720

*This paper appears in:* Journal of Applied
*Issue Date: *Sep 1988
*Volume:* 64 Issue:5<http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/tocresult.jsp?isnumber=5083794>
*On page(s): * 2680 - 2695
*ISSN: *0021-8979
*Digital Object Identifier:*
*Date of Current Version:* 07 July

The nature of the vapor produced by pulse surface heating of UO2 and
several other materials was investigated using normal‐mode laser pulses
with peak power densities between 104 and 106 W/cm2. Maximum surface
temperatures measured by optical pyrometry ranged from 1900 to 4200 K. At
temperatures below ∼2400 K for UO2, the vapor pulse followed the
Hertz–Langmiur vacuum vaporization theory. More energetic transients
produced gasdynamic blowoffs accompanied by significant supersaturation in
the expanding plume. Neutron activation analysis of the collected vapor
indicated that the total quantity of liquid UO2 evaporated in the pulse
followed the Hertz–Langmuir formula. However, mass spectrometric analysis
of the emitted vapor showed large deviations in the quantity and waveform
shape of the monomer species. These and other features of the blowoff were
satisfactorily explained in terms of nucleation and growth of polymeric
species. Although UO2 clusters were undetectable by the mass spectrometer,
polymers of MgO and ZrO2 were observed.

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 4:46 PM, Bob Cherry <bobcherry at satx.rr.com> wrote:

> << he made statements to federal officials on  the health aspects of
> uranium
> fume inhalation >>
> Jimmy,
> Exactly when and where did I make these statements to anyone? Reference,
> please. Until you provide a valid reference or retract your assertion, you
> are lying about it.
> Bob C
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> Mark  Sonter wrote:
> > DU *must* be toxicologically identical to non  D-U.
> That is not consistent with the translocation graph shown in  the Gmelin
> Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry, 8th Edition,  English translation
> (Springer-Verlag, 1982), Title U -- Uranium,  Supplemental Volume A7 --
> Biology, Section 3 -- Metabolism: Absorption,  page 305, Figure 3-1,
> "Retention and translocation of inhaled uranyl  nitrate,"
> from J.E. Ballou, R.A. Gies, and N.A. Wagman in BNWL-2500, Part  1, pp.
> 379-380 (1978.)
> If I owe Bob Cherry an apology for not  knowing about genotoxicity when he
> made statements to federal officials on  the health aspects of uranium fume
> inhalation, or for getting his title  wrong, then I apologize.  I remain of
> the opinion that a more  appropriate title would involve a Quantico
> detainee
> number for decades  followed by "Defendant" in a medical expense loss
> recovery class action  suit, and I appreciate all the work the military
> does
> to defend my right  to express such opinions.
> Sincerely,
> James  Salsman

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