[ RadSafe ] Calculate Dose from Flash X-ray?

Dixon, John E. (CDC/ONDIEH/NCEH) gyf7 at cdc.gov
Thu Sep 8 15:02:48 CDT 2011


Are you seeking photons/second-cm2? Since you are given the beam current (6000 Amps? Seems pretty high), you can get the number of electrons involved, and then that can lead you to the number of photons involved. Can we also assume this is an exposure rate (i. e. roentgens, esu per cc of dry air etc)? One would also need the point of survey (source to detector distance). 

John Dixon

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The vendor said the measured dose at 1 meter from a 450 kV, 6000 A X-Ray
unit with a 25 nanosecond burst is 18 milli-R.  Is there a way to calcualte
the expected beam strength from this unit?  thanks
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