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Judging by the news report it appears they have either a smelter or an incinerator that exploded and caught fire.  Probably a smelter because the article discussed melting radioactive material, which I assume is metallic waste.  "Explosion" might be an exaggeration.  In any event, one worker has been killed and perhaps others burned.

One story that did not make the front page was this one:  At least 75 people were killed in an oil pipeline explosion in Kenya.  So while this appears to be at least 75 times more tragic than the smelter accident in France, it gets less attention.  I suppose non-nuclear deaths are not considered sexy by the media.  Shame!


Glenn Marshall, CHP

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I agree, but the problem is that this is lost on the media as well as the public. All the media needs to do is include the word "nuclear", and this is what you see. This type of incident could happen in any operation in any industry, yet that wouldn't even produce one sentence. The term nuclear makes all the difference.



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>Before you might get scared by news distributed by mass media, that the 
>next nuclear catastrophe took place in Marcoule, France, I forward to 
>you a message received through Peter Hill from Juelich, Germany.
>What actually happened is that an incinerator for low-level waste 
>(paper towels, gloves etc.) exploded. The Austrian newspapers I read 
>online this European afternoon all wrote that there was a severe 
>accident in an "atomic establishment", that this shows again how 
>dangerous nuclear power
>(!) is and there is no question that the authorities lie when they 
>claim that no radioactivity was released and that there is no danger, 
>bla. bla, bla. BTW there is not even the small reactor anymore on site since long.
>Best regards,
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