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Glenn and RADSAFErs,

Yes, I read alternative updates now, that it was a smelter which was used to melt down and therefore reduce volume for disposal. One worker was reported to have been burnt to death, four people hurt, one of them severely. 

Also here the deaths in Kenya did not appear on front pages. Neither have any deaths from car accidents been reported - I bet they occurred. But that's the difference - those deaths cannot be attributed to "nuclear" - though there was nothing nuclear in the Marcoule accident. 

BTW: Close to Marcoule is Avignon, a site of eminent historic importance, the seat of the antipopes which were installed by the French kings, with fantastic architecture. And Cotes de Rhone is a great site for wine... If you come in this area, don't miss it!

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---- "Glenn R. Marshall" <GRMarshall at philotechnics.com> schrieb:
> Judging by the news report it appears they have either a smelter or an incinerator that exploded and caught fire.  Probably a smelter because the article discussed melting radioactive material, which I assume is metallic waste.  "Explosion" might be an exaggeration.  In any event, one worker has been killed and perhaps others burned.
> One story that did not make the front page was this one:  At least 75 people were killed in an oil pipeline explosion in Kenya.  So while this appears to be at least 75 times more tragic than the smelter accident in France, it gets less attention.  I suppose non-nuclear deaths are not considered sexy by the media.  Shame!
> http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/09/12/more-than-80-kenyans-injured-after-pipeline-explosion/
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