[ RadSafe ] Po-210- Make it by irradiating bismuth

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You can prepare Po-210 by irradiating Bismuth in a reactor and separating Po-210 from the stuff. The fire at Windscale reactor released large amounts of Po-210. This fact was kept under wraps for many years, You can get an idea about the fire and references to polonium release from the following:
1) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/3309842/Windscale-fire-We-were-too-busy-to-panic.html (Release of polonium 210 is not mentioned even in this article)

I was surprised to see that the name of Dunster H J wrongly spelt in the report


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How does one produce Po-210 in a reactor?  I used to measure Po-210 in lake sediments as a proxy for its parent Pb-210 to determine sedimentation rates.  The sedimentation rate was based on the fact that it is a decay product of airborne Rn-220-> Po-218->Bi-214->Pb-210->Po-210 and that its parent Pb-210 is not in equilibrium with the Ra-226 in the sediments.

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