[ RadSafe ] Tritium found near VT Yankee (panic time!).

Dixon, John E. (CDC/ONDIEH/NCEH) gyf7 at cdc.gov
Tue Sep 13 12:09:55 CDT 2011

It should be noted that there are millions of curies (perhaps many billions of curies) of tritium in Earth's oceans. (By all means research this point and respond!) The only thing you can do with tritium (tritiated water) is dilute it before releasing it.

John Dixon

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Aug. 18

	The article begins:

"The Vermont Department of Health said it has found detectable traces 
of radioactive tritium from the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in 
the Connecticut River."

	Has anyone ever found non-detectable traces of anything, radioactive or not?


Steven Dapra

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