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Dear Rick:

Back in the day, inflammatory processes in horses (leg injuries, etc.) were
treated with a high dose-rate radium-salt pastes in Europe until the 1950s
for performance horses.  Perhaps this is a contraption that can be wrapped
around a horse's leg to give a high dose to relieve inflammation.  I see
what appear to be buckles in the pile of tubing.

Was this farm ever associated with horse racing or some other equine sport?

I recommend that you contact the oldest equine veterinary around and see
what he has to say about it.

Dan ii

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Please see the attached PDF file (assuming the attachment goes through) of
a photo of an item that was found in an old barn in New Hampshire, USA.  It
appears to be a bundle of rubber or plastic tubing with metal clips on the
ends.  The bundle in the photo is approximately 15 cm in diameter, with a
tube thickness of approximately 0.5 cm.  The contact exposure rate is 50
mR/hr, and the isotope was identified to be Ra-226.  Does anyone know what
this might be or where it might have come from?

(See attached file: Ra-226 tubing3.pdf)

Thank you,

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