[ RadSafe ] My Book "Understanding Radiation"

Blaine Howard blainehoward at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 22:20:06 CDT 2012

Dear RadSafers, 
There is a severe lack of knowledge of
critical information about ionizing radiation.
This is most severe among news media
writers and politicians making important decisions about radioactive
materials especially nuclear waste.
I have written a short book
specifically directed to these persons but also very usefull for the
general public. 
Briefly:  The book
is titled “Understanding Radiation---A common sense approach”.
This book dispels
popular myths and misconceptions about the dangers of radiation and
puts radiation exposures in perspective by showing how much radiation
we receive from nature without harm. It also discusses the theories
of radiation effects on health and the risks from various sources
such as plutonium and the Fukushima reactor leaks. 
It is available for $9.95 (plus
shipping) from my web site “understanding-radiation.com”
Please help me get copies of this book
into the hands of those who need it most (the media and the

Blaine N. Howard, Health Physicist
323 Legacy Lane
Grantsville, Utah 84092
email: blainehoward at yahoo.com

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