[ RadSafe ] Arnie Gundersen on KGO

Lantzelot lantzelot at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 04:22:17 CDT 2012

Hi Roger,

Good work!
I'd be happy to have the sound files.


On 04/17/2012 04:52 AM, Roger Helbig wrote:
> I have been very slowly working on typing a transcript word by word and
> have gotten to the first statement that I highly doubt - I still have a way
> to go to the skyshine comment, but this was preceded with a brief
> statement, still being elaborated on that the biggest problem is still the
> fuel pool at Unit # 4
> G  Yes, the radiation exposure in the best reactor, which is Unit 2 was
> 7000 R an hour
> Since radiation measurements are no longer being given in Roentgens, I
> really doubt that anyone has reported 7000 Roentgens per hour in the bowels
> of Unit 2 or any other reactor at Fukushima.
> I have completed cutting the radio hour into four segments and have
> eliminated the commercials and news breaks so if anyone would like the
> audio, please, let me know.
> Roger Helbig
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