[ RadSafe ] Small Metallic CRAM Labels??

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A few years ago I found some on Ebay that were from Taiwan.  Hottest ones I ever saw.  I ordered a pack of 12 and was amazed when I got them home and checke them.  Search Ebay for "lantern mantles thorium"

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Greetings, Folks

Can anyone tell me of a vendor for metallic labels, or perhaps thin plaques. which we could use to mark a curved, stainless steel, surface (instrument housing), fairly permanently?  The surface gets hot enough (>/= 150 C) to fry ordinary paper and plastic labels.  The x/y dimensions should be not more than ~ 2 cm / 5-7 cm, with thickness of maybe a millimeter.  I think that it should not be hugely difficult to find an appropriate adhesive (they sell aerospace glues at the Home Depot, I'll warrant), so if it is just a piece of metal that's ok.  If it is a plaque, we can get our instrument-maker to bend it to the correct curvature.

P.S.  Someone remind me, please, of vendors for thoriated lantern mantles, e.g., Sears, an outdoor store, etc., or perhaps a brandname of such mantles.  I think that someone observed, once, that mantles of Th were made in India.  I recently saw mantles (Texsport Item No.
14210), which claimed Th-nitrates as the primary ingredient, and had all sorts of safety warnings as copy on the packets (evidently largely to comply with California law), but they are not radio-active.

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