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---- Roger Helbig <rwhelbig at gmail.com> schrieb:
> Here is an interesting posting by activist Carol Wolman from the
> FukushimaFalloutForum Yahoo group - there is meeting of a group in
> Berkeley at 2PM today - note the rhetoric about Fukushima - also note
> the last line that they are forming groups like this all over the
> country
> 2 pm on Weds August 15th, at 2550 Dana #5B (at Parker).
> Home of Cecile Pineda, author of Devil's Tango, How I Learned to Fukushima.
> Our purpose is to raise public awareness of the dangers from the
> nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi (F-D) which were damaged in the
> earthquake/tsunami of March 11, 2011. Radiation that was released at
> that time, that is still being released, and that would be released if
> another massive earthquake, typhoon, tornado or manmade error
> precipitates another explosion there- all present huge hazards to the
> Bay Area and to the planet.
> A few of us met with Yastel Yamada last week. He is a founder of
> Skilled Veterans Corps of Fukushima (SVCF). We learned that the owner
> of F-D, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has subcontracted to 400
> different companies, with no overall project manager. TEPCO says it
> can't allow the 700 elderly volunteers of SVCF to work on the
> containment/cleanup because it has no hiring authority, and all the
> subcontracted companies have their own employees. We learn from the
> news that TEPCO is partly owned by the Mafia, the workers are
> underpaid and overexposed to radiation, the work is sloppy and
> inadequate, there are lots of leaks, TEPCO is less than candid with
> information. Cleanup and containment are way too slow, not centrally
> controlled, not done by people who are experts in this area.
> Therefore, SVCF and we are advocating internationalization of F-D,
> which can only happen if there is enough worldwide pressure, from
> governments and from the people.
> There is an active Fukushima Responders group in Sebastapol, which
> meets frequently to plan public events, run a website,
> http://fukushimaresponse.com/, hold workshops, lobby, etc. They are
> vigiling every Friday, in support of the Japanese people, who turn out
> every week by the 100,000's to protest the restarting of nuclear
> plants in Japan. We will network with them, and with other FR groups
> now forming around the country.
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