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Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Sun Aug 19 18:51:20 CDT 2012

At 07:27 PM 8/18/2012, Roger Helbig wrote:

>Christina MacPherson wrote:
>....“We should pay particular attention to the fact that the presence of
>even relatively small amounts of Cs-137 in children from
leads to a doubling in the number of children with
>electrocardiographic disorders.”
>  ....200 Bq/kg, in a pregnant woman can result in fetal death according to
>the Belarus studies.
August 19, 2012

I calculated that a body burden of 200 Bq/kg for 
Cs-137 in a woman would result in a beta 
radiation dose of only 0.0007 mSv/day.

That's less than the normal dose of ionizing 
radiation we all receive from K-40 in our food.


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