[ RadSafe ] Liquid Cs-137

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Thu Dec 27 11:39:17 CST 2012


Cesium is an alkalimetal. It is solid and the melting point can be easily be 
found on the internet - I think that this "someone who wants to do radiation 
research" could do this himself. If he (or she) is not able to do it I would
recommend you to terminate the contract or whatsoever.

Should this "someone" want a  s o l u t i o n  of Cs-137, which is quite a 
different story, he or she should be able to search the internet for vendors 
him or herself. There are enough of them in the USA. The other question for 
me is, why you cannot give the same advice, being a Health Physicist?


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Have any of you seen, heard or used liquid Cs-137 in a form that won't 
chemically kill biological samples suspended in that liquid (algae, mold, 
etc.)? We have someone who wants to do radiation effects research and would 
like a liquid Cs source, so we are looking for a source vendor.

Please respond if you have any information. Thank you in advance.

Donald P. Mercado
Health Physicist

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