[ RadSafe ] Liquid Cs-137

Mercado, Donald Paul. (ARC-QH)[CONSOLIDATED SAFETY SERVICES INC] donald.p.mercado at nasa.gov
Thu Dec 27 12:49:45 CST 2012

Franz said,

"I think that this "someone who wants to do radiation 
research" could do this himself. If he (or she) is not able to do it I would
recommend you to terminate the contract or whatsoever."


"he or she should be able to search the internet for vendors 
him or herself. There are enough of them in the USA. The other question for 
me is, why you cannot give the same advice, being a Health Physicist?"

Well geeze, Franz, maybe it was because I was doing something we in the USA like to call, "being helpful". We 'Merkins help folks sometimes when we possess strengths that others doesn't have, like we did for Austria in WWII. We don't blow them off and tell them to help themselves.

The biologist didn't have health physics information like dose rate at a distance per Ci (Bq for you) close at hand like I do, or know of resources like RadSafe as I do. I can get the information he wants faster than he ever could. In addition, he's my customer and I strive to assist them any way I can.

As Robert Shaw as Doyle Lonnegan in "The Sting" said, "Ya Folla?"

Have a blessed holiday all,


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