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Since many folks noted an interest in the materials used, I post them here in hopes that they can be useful to others trying to help the Scouts learn.  This material is what we used at River Bend and one item from our sister plant at Grand Gulf.  The presentation was adjusted this year due to changes in the requirements.

We presented the merit badge at our Training Center.  We obtained instruments from Radiation Protection and Emergency Planning.  We used protective clothing from Radiation Protection so that some could dress out.  We also obtained permission to use the Operations flow simulator training area to walk through a scenario for 'fun' and learning.

                                                                                                                                --Doug Myers

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I was asked to be a counselor for some boy scouts hoping to get merit badges in nuclear science.  Most of the kids are ages 13-15.  Some of the topics (basic physics, radiation safety, radiobiology etc) seem a bit advanced for kids in their early teens.  Perhaps I'm wrong though.  Does anyone have any experience they would like to share? Is there any advice on teaching nuclear science to younger students or counseling this merit badge specifically?


Corey Clift, M.S.
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