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Dear Group:

Most likely, they will find radioactive rocks on some poor witless

Dan ii

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 11:50 AM, Clayton J Bradt
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> Joe Presig wrote:
> ...   A person who can bring to bear such a DEVICE into  another nation
> would probably be able to
> design a radiation shield(s) to make it very difficult and/or impossible
> to
>  detect such a DEVICE.
>     As Oppenheimer once responded to the question (How  would you detect
> such a weapon),
> he wryly suggested that one needs a screwdriver to detect such DEVICES.
> (i.e not some
> sophisticated radiation detector(s)).  Hopefully USA and other  nation's
> will use direct inspection of
> containers, shipping packages etc. to look for nuclear DEVICES  directly
> ....
> There is no instrumental solution to this problem.  Save for dismantling
> every package (as Oppenheimer's remarks suggest)
>  before it crosses the border, there will always be ways to circumvent any
> surveillance system.  The amount of time and
> money being spent on developing new super-duper detection systems is
> largely wasted.  It would be far better spent
> on trying to figure out why some people want to attack us, and then
> convincing them not to do so.  (This of course would
> risk the possibility of learning that some people might have good reasons
> for hating us.  It's a risk worth taking, in my view.)
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