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If you want more information on the Gamma Forest just type in "The Gamma Forest at Brookhaven National Laboratory"  to Google Scholar and you will get 200+ hits concerning the Gamma Forest.

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Hey Radsafe,
     Good Memory.  There was a gamma forest  experiment at Brookhaven.  
They showed us the
forest during the 1980 Summer Health Physics Training Program there.   By 
then, the source was
gone.  But you could see the former effects on tree growth of the  source going radially outward from the original source position.  Trees close in were shorter.  It  was pretty neat.
      Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe)  Preisig
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I don't know about a reactor, but there was a  Cs-137 source used to study this effect at Brookhaven, I think.  I  think that this also turned into a study case in the production of  skyshine.


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I also remember reading about  an experimental reactor in the USA that was purposelly allowed to go  critical while suspended in air, leading to the death of nearby pine  trees.  Does anyone remember the name of that facility?

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