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     Hey Radsafe,
           From    _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)     .
     Hope your weekend was wonderful.   Hmmmmmm.  I've run into people in 
South New Jersey,
Binghamton, NY and Corning, New York who like to eat small game.  At a  
party in Binghamton, I was once 
threatened (i.e. asked to eat) some squirrel stew/soup.  I wanted to  
decline the offer, but did taste it.
Not too bad.  But not like French Onion soup with Cheese either.
    As I said earlier, some anti-nuke folks support the  cause by selling 
drugs and/or appearing in or making
"finer films".  That being said, the folks from Brighton  
Beach/Brooklyn/New York City (former USSR
folks) are moving into the "finer film" industry.  This is especially  true 
of internet websites.
One minute such a website is run by traditional USA crime types (with  USA 
male/female models)
and the next day they have been taken over by crime types from the former  
USSR and/or 
associated European crime types (and USSR etc. male/female  models).   This 
does not bode well
for American kids/Anti-Nuke types who want to fund their efforts by making  
"finer films".  Maybe that
window for Anti-Nuke funding is closing.
     There is warfare going on between the various  crime elements.  
Central American people have
taken over former neighborhoods which had been fully occupied from people  
from the European 
country shaped like a boot.  These people from the European boot  country 
have moved into
my suburban neighborhood (next to urban Trenton, New Jersey USA), as well  
as some Central
American and Haitian people, and the number of drug dealers appears to have 
 doubled.  It's almost
like the invasion scenario described in the USA movie Red Dawn.
    Anti-Nukes and/or drug dealers (sometimes they are one  in the same) 
are sometimes mini-
Anarchists.  They like to subvert the truth (something like  false-witness) 
by joining two unrelated 
words together.  Take John and take Smith and join them together  and 
suddenly you have John
Smith --- the meaning of the individual words has changed.
    JJCohen, I might have applauded at your HP Society Talk  way back when 
about radionuclides
with low Energy Beta like I-129.  But your idea is different then the  
law/technical basis the EPA and/or
other regulatory agencies applies and enforces.  For LLRW, I- 129  is 
plentiful in the waste stream,
is mobile in the groundwater environment and is mixed in with the other  
radionuclides in LLRW
(presumably LLRW from Nuclear plants).  The Texas LLRW facility is a  waste 
disposal facility, not
an LLRW treatment facility (more expensive).  The Texas LLRW facility  aims 
to be a good neighbor
and not have ANY offsite radionuclide transport (until the end of its  
lifetime when it may be   decommissioned).  In return, the  hosting community 
will receive income and tax benefits for hosting  the 
LLRW facility.  Once open the facility will accept LLRW (it is allowed  to 
accept by Class) and LLRW
from medical facilities, pharmaceutical firms, nuclear plants (mind you,  
not spent fuel) etc. will be shipped
to the disposal site.  One nuclear plant in New Jersey I once  toured has 
all kinds of LLRW stored up that 
it would like to send to Texas, or perhaps has already sent to the facility 
 in South Carolina.
      Much of the Medical/Pharmaceutical waste  will decay 10 half-lives 
(or whatever) and will either be
recycled or be released into the general waste disposal areas.  Some  of 
the items from the Nuclear plants. will hang around the LLRW facility until  
the end of the facilities' lifetime when decommissioning may
happen.  Longer-lived waste from the facility might make its way into  
Yucca Mountain, or a facility like
that, if it is ever opened.  The Texas LLRW facility probably has its  own 
website, where you can read
more about the facility.
     I'm off the clock, and the payroll, from any New  Jersey LLRW facility 
(which was never sited), and 
have been since 1991, so this is all I have to say.  My neighbors  and/or 
friends I have left still think
I personally am going to put an LLRW disposal facility in their  backyard.  
I'm tired of getting beaten up for having worked on the project.
    Funny, I still recall the stories about what happened at  North 
Carolina at their LLRW disposal
facility Siting Board open forums with the public.  Men in black hoods  
showed up to the meetings,
I think complete with pistols, rifles, and shotguns and pretty much  
declared siting of an LLRW
facility was not going to happen in North Carolina.  Yes Sir!!!!
    So, I guess North Carolina and most of the rest of the  USA will be 
shipping their LLRW to Texas or
wherever.  Get those trucks rolling --- sounds like jobs for the  trucking 
industry.  Maybe Busby and
his crowd can handcuff himself to a Tractor-Trailer packed with LLRW, and  
it will be God's Will???
if the Tractor-Trailer goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in 30 seconds or 
    For some Canadian Health Physicist, there's a  spiffy/neat/super Health 
Physics job at the new???
Canadian Synchrotron Light Source in Saskatchewan.  It's listed on the  HP 
Society website.
    Take Care....     Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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