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Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 13:31:54 CDT 2012

Today's temperature is one degree warmer than yesterday's, which was one degree 
warmer than the day before. If this trend in temperature increase of one degree 
per day continues, about three years from now the earth's surface will be a 
molten mass. Who says global warming is not a problem. Certainly,  Social 
scientists should be concerned
Jerry Cohen

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] presentations on controversial public issues work better 
with social science

I did some presentations on climate change and nuclear power in June, now have 
blogged on it. Basically, if you include what social scientists say about the 
parallels among all who reject scientific consensus, the discussion becomes more 
understandable and safer; so does changing minds. Based on these two 
presentations anyway.


Best wishes, 
Karen Street
Friends Energy Project
blog http://pathsoflight.us/musing/index.php

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