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Solar thermal at least has some built-in storage capacity. One would think that that would play some role. 

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> http://www.technologyreview.com/energy/40460/?p1=A3
> I think it's interesting that China's "investment" into solar electricity 
> generation has had such a disruptive effect in the market place.  "Even as the 
> project nears completion, the future of solar thermal power plants is in doubt. 
> That’s in large part because prices for solar panels—which convert sunlight to 
> electricity directly—have dropped quickly in the last few years, causing at 
> least one company to abandon plans to build solar thermal plants in favor of 
> making ones that use solar panels".  I think that it's important to remember 
> that Solyndra didn't go bankrupt because of a technology failure in their design 
> or product, but rather they went bankrupt because they couldn't compete on a 
> financial basis with the downward spiral in the price of solar panels being 
> shipped to the US from China.  Only time will tell which technology will win out 
> in the long run.  I am forever reminded of the battle between and Sony and the 
> other electronic manufactures over Beta vs. VHS video tape decks.  The 
> "so-called" better technology lost out to the power of the majority of the 
> market place.  The amusing thing is that today the consumer market for video 
> tape decks is all but dead.  My but the market and the technology hawked there 
> is a fickle place.  How will Nuclear Power, fission, fare in the long run?  Is 
> there any chance the Chinese government can be talked into investing billions of 
> dollars into Nuclear Power and thereby reducing the price of global Nuclear 
> Power?  If so, would we trust the reliability of Chinese manufactured 
> Nuclear Power plants?  If there is a question of trustworthiness, why are 
> consumers trusting the reliability of Chinese manufactured photovoltaic solar 
> panels? 
> Roy Herren 
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