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Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
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This is an interesting and apparently unbiased article, but something is 
bothering me. Maybe, with all of the wisdom on this website, someone will know 
the answer. If Helium is the byproduct of fusion energy production, where does 
naturally occuring helium (the stuff in the Hindenburg and in party baloons) 
come from? It is unlikely that ancient fusion energy production facilities 
existed, I know there are underground deposits in and around Texas, but how did 
this helium get there?

Jerry Cohen
Funny you should ask, I saw this just the other day.  I'm no expert, but it 
seems like a fairly unbiased assessment of the state-of-the-art, despite the 
"green" nature of the website.


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Dear Radsafe:

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        Ahmad, Roy Herren, Group,

              Hope you all are well.  Global warming may be real.  Let's 
not ignore  it.  Let's go forward with
Fission and/or Fusion.  I don't hear much from ITER in France  (Fusion).  
Let's hope they are
chugging along with their research and getting fusion ready for commercial  
use.  How cool would that
be.  Yes, there are profileration concerns.  The US and other  countries 
nuclear industries continue
to produce energy with little fanfare.  Fukushima was an unfortunate  
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