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Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
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    I certainly with you and Maury. Additionally, Partridge's paper 
gives excellent insight on how not to do science. Despite temptations to do so, 
one should not make tenous assumptions , and then subject them to extensive and 
elaborate calculations. No matter how detailed and elaborate the model applied, 
the good old GIGO [garbage in, garbage out] still applies.

Jerry Cohen

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Thanks Maury for an excellent review of the current state of climate so-called 

> This essay (click on link below) by Paltridge affords one 
> of the best perspectives on Science and Climate that I've ever seen.
> I hope many of you will find it equally so.


Among many other virtues, the article illustrates the process of relativistic 
nonsense migrating from the arts and humanities into the sciences.

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