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Hi, Maury.

While the essay is worthwhile, it lacks some of the balance that would
make it more useful.  For example, the author says, "From the social and
economic side of things, one might take much more notice of the global
warming scare campaign if it were not so obvious that many of its most
vociferous supporters have other agendas."  He then lists several, a
couple of which I think are a stretch, but he doesn't bother to
acknowledge that of its most vociferous deniers also have other agendas.

While I haven't actually heard anyone make the argument that coal needs
to be preserved for the benefit of future generations, I have heard the
argument that oil it too useful to waste on transportation, when other
energy resources can do that.  I've been hearing that since it was
predicted that a new ice age was coming, so I don't think the idea
(which, by the way, I think has merit) can be blamed on climate change

Similarly, there are people who favor a global government, and who want
a redistribution of wealth between the haves (or have-mores) and
have-nots, and who want the influence welded by religions.  While some
of them may have incorporated dealing with climate change into their
goals, those goals all predate the climate change discussion by many
decades.  The author would have achieved some balance to point out that
some of those who fight most strongly against climate change research
and/or action favor energy corporations more powerful than many national
governments, continued and even accelerated wealth accumulation in
smaller percentage of the population, and, well, religion, but focusing
more on things like "go forth and multiply" and "subdue" than on good

I think I've made my position on the subject clear; I don't actually
care if climate change is occurring, let alone if it is caused by man:
Fouling one's nest and wasting one's resources are sub-optimal, and
should be reduced when possible.  I think it is a good thing for people
to think and write about the subject, because I believe that thinking
and writing are good things for people to do, and not enough people do
them on a regular basis.  This essay is an OK piece of work, but I think
the author could have done a little more thinking before he started

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Thanks Maury for an excellent review of the current state of climate

> This essay (click on link below) by Paltridge affords one 
> of the best perspectives on Science and Climate that I've ever seen.
> I hope many of you will find it equally so.


Among many other virtues, the article illustrates the process of
nonsense migrating from the arts and humanities into the sciences.

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