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Dear Mike,

It was not clear whether the source was radium or something else.In India for therapy level direct reading dosimeters, the hospitals used to have a sr90-y-90 source foil of 30 mCi  positioned in a well shielded container for use as a reference standard. Before using the dosimeter for actual measurement in the beam, the physicist will keep the dosimeter  in the fixed geometry shield and ensure that the reading obtained is that expected. These sources are strong and can deliver doses of many rads per sec in close contact. These calibration standards are very useful

Surprisingly, the news report did not name the source!


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Greetings, Parthasarathy!  I hope you enjoy your visit.  

In my experience, coordination between different state and federal
agencies isn't too hard, once you get to the actual collecting of the
radioactive thingy.  The people who are afraid of rad stay at the office
or Incident Command Center and argue funding, and the people who know
what they are doing go into the field, assess the situation, agree on
what needs to be done, and do it.  

It might be more complex if we were dealing with a spent fuel rod, but
most of the things we get called out on, the people who actually go to
the scene usually can figure out how to work together.

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Dear list members,

Greetings from Shrewsbury, Boston! I am in USA on a short visit after 31

Recently, I came across the following news item 
titled "Low-level radioactive device found in home". You can access it


The report contained the following statement:

"The DEC( Department of Environmental Conservation), state Department of
Health and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found a lucite tube,
about 9 inches long and 1 inch around, that 
contained a cavity with a small amount of low-level radioactive 
material, state officials said".

Frankly, I am unable to understand how these agencies coordinate their
efforts to ensure radiation protection! Every one has a job to do. Are
their functions clearly defined to avoid conflict among the lowest
levels of hierarchy?

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