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Patricia  and interested RADSAFErs,

Another "red herring"! What a great research, which should be awarded with at least three nobel prizes - chemistry, medicine and peace!!! ------ "Cynism off"----

Having participated in a European Union Project on removal of natural radionuclides from drinking water and therefore also had to study the literature for removal of other stable poisonous nuclides I can easily state that there are hundreds - or rather thousands - of papers available which deal with this topic. What is so sensational regarding this "research" to distribute it by mass media? 

It is on grounds of  basic chemistry (chemical equilibrium, distribution coefficients....) impossible to insert a "capsule" with a chemical compound of the size depicted into a large amount of milk, juice, water etc. to remove any ion from it to below the lower limit of detection. (Who knows what detection instrument he used? Probably a Geiger counter??? Or an electroscope?)

"Cynism  on again": This mass media new reminds me to the recent postings of a raman-spectroscopist....

I am open for any scientific discussion to this topic.

Best regards,


---- patricia lewis <lewis at radonmine.com> schrieb:
> http://www.kpbs.org/news/2012/mar/27/radioactivity-cured-capsule/
> "Radioactivity Cured by Capsule"
> Snipped: "Scientists have found a way to remove radioactive material from
> milk, juice.... etc....  Apblett said he was experimenting with methods of
> removing uranium and heavy metals from drinking water."
> So my question is: where does the uranium/radioactivity go?
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> Patricia Lewis
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