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Mon May 14 01:15:24 CDT 2012

Dear Radsafe:
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     Hey All,
          The comments by Dr.  Mohan Doss are most illuminating.  Perhaps 
A. Nobel will recognize
    him with $$$ and a prize for this work???!!!
           I guess one  might start with the fundamental premise that if 
one gets to be  old enough. one
     will be a candidate to have cancer, at some  level.  People who don't 
take care of their heart might
     possibly die before large-scale Cancer is  observed.  If one does not 
take care of plaque buildup
     in the brain area, then Alzheimer's or Parkinson's  disease may ensue. 
 Regular exercise
     allows the body's circulation to work well.  possibly clearing 
carcinogens etc. from the body.
     If the immune system doesn't work well, then the  body may not fight 
well against Cancer.
     A drug for treating AIDS has been mentioned on  Google News in the 
last few days. thus
     giving us one new tool in the fight against AIDS  problems.  Hope the 
drug becomes cheap and
           We know a  great deal about Cancer --- search the Radsafe 
archives --- also look at  books
     like that by Eric Hall (and others) Radiobiology  for the Radiologist 
or something like that.
     Read Health Physics and other journals.
           Radiation and  Chemotherapy are being effectively being used 
against Cancer (Gamma  Knives,
    proton radiation, neutron radiation etc.).  That  woman Doctor in New 
York (USA) and other
    doctors use lasers to directly burn out tumors from the  body.
          Perhaps Cancer is  now on the Run???!!!  Perhaps AIDS will be 
cured/treatable soon.
    That leaves Monster Ghonorea, HPV, Drug Resistant TB  etc. to cure....
          Kudos to the people  working on these diseases, and making 
progress.  Thanks!!!
     NSLS II  (Brookhaven National Lab/USA) is now  about 2/3 done.  BNL 
seems to be looking for
     a Lab Director, a Biology Division Director, and  Instrumentation 
Division Director etc.
    Have a great week....     Regards,    Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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