[ RadSafe ] Rental of Soft X-ray Chambers

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Wed May 16 17:13:20 CDT 2012

Apropos to this topic - I've been discussing this with the author and 
its seems to me that I recall a product that would be perfect for the 
dose mapping he requires.

What I recall was a TL material in a sheet form - large format, possibly 
as large as 8x10.  When readout this would give a dose image and is 
appropriate for the dose rates and energies he is using.

HOWEVER - I can't recall the name, vendor nor find any such thing using 
Google.  I think there were ads in the journal.

Does anyone else recall this?

BTW - I also suggested using a small junction rectifier diode - 1n4005 - 
in short circuit current mode for field mapping.  I have such a probe 
with 1/2 mil stainless steel shield/case and filled with cerasine wax 
(homemade) that is also appropriate to the relevant energies and dose 
rates - output currents on the order of microamps can be expected.  This 
technique was pioneered in the early 70's by a medical physicist at UCSF 
and used for therapy field mapping.

Either method is much cheaper than say a 0.6 cc farmer chamber and can 
accurately and reliably achieve the required results.

On 5/15/2012 12:32 PM, Peter Collopy wrote:
>   Looking for medical physics' companies that rent soft xray ionization chambers. Am following a few leads but hoping someone who does more work in the medical physics arena may have some companies they coudl recommend. The purpose is for emasuring the direct beam from a handheld XRF unit. Yes we will be using TLDs but due to the optics the beam is a bit bifurcated (actually trifurcated) and we want to move around a bit to get the maximum dose rate.
> thanks in advance for any leads..can send email to my alternate non-unsuper hero identity at peter.collopy at amec.com
> Pete C.
> Peter Collopy, CIH, CHP, CSP 
> Director, Entropy Control
> Chaos for the Future
> 1405 Torrance St.
> San Diego, CA 92103
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