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Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
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Dear sfisher373,

What did you think the smiley face symbol was about in my facetious comment?
Obviously,  my comment was made to poke fun at "Blue Ribbon" Commissions
that generally are useless exercises that never achieve anything after
wasting a great deal of time and money. Blue Ribbon Commissions are
generally appointed just so some branch of Government can avoid having to
make a decision, while the issue hopefully [from the perspective of whoever
appoints the  Commission] is forgotten in the public's mind and concern.

Did you really take my comment seriously about the Titanic winning the Blue
Riband for its crossing the Atlantic in the shortest time?

My comment about the Titanic receiving the Blue Riband Award was simply my
having fun with the fact that most Blue Ribbon Commissions are doomed before
their first meeting.

Stewart Farber

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Since the Titantic did not cross the Atlantic in a record time, it could not
possibly have received the Blue Riband.  So the Titanic has nothing to do
with a blue ribbon.  And if you check, the term was borrowed from horse

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Unfortunately, I believe the first Blue Riband [blue ribbon] award was
presented to the Titanic  :-)
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