[ RadSafe ] Which welding rods are hot?

Stewart Farber safarber at optonline.net
Mon Nov 5 15:27:42 CST 2012

TIG welding rods. Labeled 3% thoria by weight. Quite a source. I've been to 
some welding supply houses to get LN2 which have thousands of lbs of these 
TIG rods on shelves behind the counter.  Think of the employees Rn-220 
inhalation !

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I know I've encountered some considerably hot welding rods - but didn't
notice the type designation.

I just checked my own supply - so 60's, 70's and 78's - I was SURE at
least my 6010 would be hot --- but NO - they none were.

So - asked of anyone who has some hot ones --- what type?

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