[ RadSafe ] How many nuclear power plants in USA were convertedto coal/gas fired plants?

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Thanks for jumping in on this one.  I had been thinking about it yesterday but was too busy to reply.

Of course the gas fired turbines don't use any of the nuke build except maybe the cooling pond that was built next to the river.

Fuel was never loaded into the reactors.  After the site was protested to death before startup, some good did come of what was built.  One reactor head  was sold to Davis Besse to replace the perforated one that they had.  As I recall, coupons were cut from reactor vessel welds which went to your reactor lab for neutron flux embrittlement testing.


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And, don't forget about the Consumers Power/Dow Chemical Midland Cogeneration Plant in Midland, Michigan.  It is now gas fired.

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