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Roger and RADSAFErs
I wróte a few minutes ago, that the most appropriate comment would be "bullshit". Additionally I wonder, whether there is in the corner of the world where this McPherson lives no treatment for paranoia available. 

I have seen the film "China Syndrome" decades ago - there has hardly been any film so ridiculous and emphasizing all the US cliches of daring woman,  men fighting for the "truth" and similar bla, bla. Sorrry, I am getting carried away, but I am tired of being accused by those people and the mass-media of  being a criminal, because I would not oppose nuclear power and thus advocating the perishing
of the human race.  Believe me, the USA seems to be more objective than "politically orchestered" public opinion in Austria (and Germany).

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---- Roger Helbig <rwhelbig at gmail.com> schrieb:
> Has the fuel eaten through anything let alone become something akin to
> the "China Syndrome" - the anti-nuclear drum beat keeps up incessantly
> beating fueled by lies and half truths.
> Roger Helbig
> Christina MacPherson posted: " AUDIO Nuclear Engineer: “This is the worst
> possible scenario” — I think the melted fuel has already eaten through the
> concrete at Fukushima plant
> http://enenews.com/nuclear-engineer-worst-possible-scenario-melted-fuel-eaten-concrete-fukushim"
> AUDIO:The worst scenario: nuclear fuel eating through concrete at Fukushima
> nuclear
> by Christina MacPherson
> AUDIO Nuclear Engineer: “This is the worst possible scenario” — I think the
> melted fuel has already eaten through the concrete at Fukushima plant
> http://enenews.com/nuclear-engineer-worst-possible-scenario-melted-fuel-eaten-concrete-fukushima-reactor-audio/comment-page-1#comment-293133
> October 4th, 2012  Interview with Nuclear Engineer Chris Harris Nutrimedical
> Report Oct 4, 2012
> Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer: Their
> own word is that Tepco believes that the core is definitely eating through
> the floor, it’s already gone through the bottom of at least No 1’s reactor
> vessel, and he said eating its way through the concrete. I probably believe
> that it’s already eaten through the concrete. I think that’s past tense.
> CNN talking heads, that’s what really annoyed me… don’t worry about it
> there’s containment, there’s this, there’s that. I said no, no, no, no, no
> this is the worst possible scenario, we’re talking about a core going
> through [inaudible] We’re finally getting some modicum of truth here, this
> is a recent as September 10, that’s from Tepco’s engineer’s own words.
> [Platts: "Tepco believes the uranium fuel [...] poured to the floor of the
> containment structure, eating through a portion of the concrete floor of
> that area”].
> Christina MacPherson | October 6, 2012 at 12:04 am | Categories: Resources
> -audiovicual | URL: http://wp.me/phgse-80t
> http://nuclear-news.net/2012/10/06/audiothe-worst-scenario-nuclear-fuel-eating-through-concrete-at-fukushima-nuclear/
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