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Clayton J Bradt CJB01 at health.state.ny.us
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I didn't know that the NRC ever had mobile labs, so I can't say what 
happened to them. However from my experience here in NYS, the value of 
mobile laboratories is wildly over estimated. In almost every circumstance 
imaginable, it is always better to put the samples on wheels and bring 
them to the laboratory for analysis, than to put the the laboratory on 
wheels and bring it to the samples. Perhaps it was the recognition of this 
fact that led the NRC to discontinue the program. This explanation may be 
a bit far fetched, however as it would imply a capacity for learning not 
generally observed from that organization.

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Does anyone have knowledge of what happened to the USNRC mobile 

What physically happened to the vehicles/equipment?  The radiochemists 
that staffed these labs?

What was the rationale for discontinuing these mobile laboratories?  What 
replaced the analytical need that these lab(s) filled?

Any background information on these and other mobile laboratories in the 
United States would be appreciated (DOE Hotspot, DOE Rascal, State mobile 
laboratories, commercial).

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