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Like this explanation and find it very rational. Ultimately, there must be
 a criterion for what is necessary to be measured on the field and what can
be taken to the lab.

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On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 8:51 PM, Clayton J Bradt
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> I didn't know that the NRC ever had mobile labs, so I can't say what
> happened to them. However from my experience here in NYS, the value of
> mobile laboratories is wildly over estimated. In almost every circumstance
> imaginable, it is always better to put the samples on wheels and bring
> them to the laboratory for analysis, than to put the the laboratory on
> wheels and bring it to the samples. Perhaps it was the recognition of this
> fact that led the NRC to discontinue the program. This explanation may be
> a bit far fetched, however as it would imply a capacity for learning not
> generally observed from that organization.
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> Does anyone have knowledge of what happened to the USNRC mobile
> laboratories?
> What physically happened to the vehicles/equipment?  The radiochemists
> that staffed these labs?
> What was the rationale for discontinuing these mobile laboratories?  What
> replaced the analytical need that these lab(s) filled?
> Any background information on these and other mobile laboratories in the
> United States would be appreciated (DOE Hotspot, DOE Rascal, State mobile
> laboratories, commercial).
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