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Hello All

    The NRC's mobile labs were used primarily for conducting check
chemistry and analysis on-site at the myriad of US nuclear power plants.
That was my experience with them. They would show-up on site, we would
pull samples from a variety of sample points (air and liquid) and then
both they and the sites lab(s) would run them on their respective MCAs.
The NRC then comparing the results, using it as a measure of the
facilities capability to fulfill their license requirements. It has been
several decades since they stopped the practice and parked the
equipment. I do not know its final disposition. I do know that Nora
Nicholson, now at the Dominion - North Anna Power Station, was with the
NRC mobile lab that visited Kewaunee on occasion. Perhaps she could help
answer your question further.

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Does anyone have knowledge of what happened to the USNRC mobile

What physically happened to the vehicles/equipment?  The radiochemists
that staffed these labs?

What was the rationale for discontinuing these mobile laboratories?
What replaced the analytical need that these lab(s) filled?

Any background information on these and other mobile laboratories in the
United States would be appreciated (DOE Hotspot, DOE Rascal, State
mobile laboratories, commercial).

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