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Dr. Long, Radsafe,
     Japan is a special situation.  It is a set of  small islands which are 
quite seismically active.
The placement of very large (global scale subduction) faults in close  
proximity to the islands make
tsunami risks and loss-of-life quite real.  Japan doesn't have all  that 
much available farmland.
One bad nuclear accident and companion tsunami has harmed a fair chunk of  
their farmland.
They are deciding to phase out nuclear power.  It makes good sense for  
     The are many places on Earth for which Nuclear  Power is a very viable 
power option.
     Most of the USA is a great place for nuclear  power.
     Have a good week...
     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD
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Your conference on Radiation Hormesis, Health Physics, May, 1987,  
(which I just pulled out of the file by my desk) 
is updated by Dr  Orient's one page on 
The Aftermath of Fukishima in Civil Defense  Perspectives (Google).

It gives enough info. to write and speak on  (headings):
The Harm of Over-reaction
Consistent, Meaningful  Doses
Establishing a Rational Evacuation Standard

You-all can best  respond to fear mongers who question your very existence!
"Should Japan,  and the world, totally give up on nuclear energy (Nature  

Howard Long, Family Doctor, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness  Board Member

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>  Howard,
>     Are you suggesting that the way to deal  with a blunder (LNT)
>  is to ignore and/or perpetuate it?
> Jerry Cohen
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> Subject: [ RadSafe ] Aftermath of Fukishima - Thousands of Deaths  
Preventable by 
> Health Physicists!
> This concise page  of technical and political data ends with,
> " If we were, however, to  admit that low-dose radiation is not only safe 
> might cure cancer  and prevent birth defects, what would happen to 
> payments  to people irradiated at Hiroshima or Chernobyl, or the 
reputation of 
>  health physicists?
> Health physicists have a duty to save  thousands of lives from 
deprivation in 
> Japan, now.
> Who will  raise the voice of science to discredit the fearmongers?
> This page  prepares you:
> Google :  Civil Defense Perspectives Sept  2012
> Howard Long
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