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Hi all,


A Special Issue of the Dose-Response Journal honoring Zbigniew Jaworowski
will be published in December of this year.  Most of the papers to appear in
the issue are now posted (prepress versions) on the journal website
(www.dose-response.com <http://www.dose-response.com/> ) and can be freely
downloaded. These papers are listed below in case they may be of interest.
The papers by R. Wilson and by J. Cuttler relate to Fukushima and support
the views of Lawrence Solomon
orse-killer-than-radiation/ ) and others (Civil Defense Perspectives, The
Aftermath of Fukushima, September 2012, Vo. 28, #6) that more harm than
benefit was done by the evacuations carried out.  The Special Issue
Introduction paper (not yet posted) by B. Scott and L. Dobrzynski points out
that as of March 31, 2012, more than 1600 disaster-associated premature
deaths (mainly the elderly and within three months after the evacuations)
that are not due to radiation-induced damage or to the earthquake or the
tsunami have been identified. Such disaster-associated,
radiation-phobia-promoting and stress-related premature deaths among fragile
elderly evacuees may increase over time.


Best wishes,

Bobby R. Scott

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

Albuquerque, NM, USA


Papers currently posted on the Dose-Response Journal website:


1. Dobrzyński L, Waligórski MPR, and Janiak MK. 2012. Professor Zbigniew
Jaworowski-in memoriam.


2. Cuttler JM. 2012. Commentary on appropriate radiation levels for


3. Wilson R. 2012. Evacuation criteria after a nuclear accident: A personal


4. Nowosielska EM, Cheda A, Wrembel-Wargocka J, and Janiak MK. 2012.  Effect
of low doses of low-LET radiation on the innate anti-tumor reactions in
radioresistant and radiosensitive mice.


5. Scott BR, Bruce VR, Gott KM, March T, and Wilder J.  2012.  Small
gamma-ray doses prevent rather than increase lung tumors in mice. 


6. Fornalski KW and Dobrzyński L. 2012. The cancer mortality in high natural
radiation areas in Poland.


7. Doss M. 2012a. Shifting the paradigm in radiation safety.


8. Doss M. 2012b. Evidence supporting radiation hormesis in atomic bomb
survivor cancer mortality data.


9. Ulsh B. 2012. The new radiobiology: Returning to our roots.


10. Sanders CL. 2012. Potential treatment of inflammatory and proliferative
diseases by ultra-low doses of ionizing radiations.


11. Calabrese E and Dhwan G. 2012.  The role of X-rays in the treatment of
gas gangrene: A historical assessment. 


12. Fliedner T, Graessle DH, Meineke V, and Feinendegen LW. 2012.
Hemopoietic response to low-rates of ionizing radiation shows stem cell
tolerance and adaptation.



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