[ RadSafe ] NVLAP Approves Real-Time Dosimeters

Kenneth Marshall kenneth.marshall at carestream.com
Thu Oct 11 06:28:03 CDT 2012


We have about 400+ Instadose dosimeters in our program.  We have been 
using them for about 2 years now and l can provide some feedback:

Before we purchased in volume, we tested several Instadose  and with 
access to a variety of X-ray and radiography sources we did some testing 
against some Unfors and Radcal meters.  The Instadose was surprisingly 
accurate and precise for things we use from Mammo energies to Iridium-192. 
 In fact we use in some testing for comparative analysis and scatter 


For employees that are remotely located like service/sales and demo 
personnel, this dosimeter is excellent - I had lots of trouble with people 
not mailing their dosimeters back in a timely fashion, now that problem is 
For pregnant  personnel - these are great - With expectant employees, they 
sometimes are a little anxious about radiation (even if its reliably been 
low doses) and want to know their doses ASAP, - this is a nice tool for 
those that want/appreciate that prompt feedback so they can work assured 
things are safe - we also permit employees to read the dosimeters from 
home if they like to share with their expectant partners.  Sometimes its 
the Partner that is driving the anxiety.
Saves time - there is less time wasted in  collecting/returning badges 
like film/TLD.
Prompt info  permits a better ALARA program.  With film & TLD, if you are 
trying to minimize dose in some areas, it becomes difficult to establish 
patterns of behavior over the duty cycle of the badge (month).  With 
Instadose, you can do a task, get the dose and do an immediate after 
action evaluation of dose.  We can track issues much easier with this. 
With employees that travel to literally hundreds of sights in a month, it 
becomes difficult to determine which ones were causal to dose - even small 
doses with film badges.
Easy to manage - its literally like online banking, you can go in and 
review your employee badges easily.  You can easily determine who has or 
has not read their badges, what doses are elevated, trends, etc. 


The online tools could be made to offer more services - for example, I 
would like to see a comments field so a wearer can offer a comment about 
the dose, like an assignable cause.
The cost is a little more than film, and like digital cameras versus film 
or high speed internet versus dial-up, there is no comfortable way of 
going back once you have tried it. 
The billing and invoicing is different than what I have experienced with 
film/TLD.  I used to be able to trace individual wearers to actual 
billing,  I would prefer there be a tether to finances in the online 
viewing for the program administrator - this way I can do budgeting for 
each department with greater ease.
Creates dosimeter envy - once someone has it, they feel they all want it. 
Film/TLD data is not currently  importable into  Instadose web tools.  So 
If I have someone wear a TLD ring badge, and Instadose whole body badge, I 
have to review ring data with separate reporting tools. 

Overall the positives for us outweigh the negatives - It saves me a bit of 
time in managing our program.

Ken Marshall, RRPT
Radiation & Laser Safety Officer
(585) 627-8523

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Subject:        [ RadSafe ] NVLAP Approves Real-Time Dosimeters
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Hello RadSafers - I'm looking for operating experience/feedback in regard 
to "Instadose" electronic dosimeters or any others that may be out there 
that may be used for official dose of record purposes.

Also interested in pricing and other relevant information.

Vendors please submit your responses directly to me rather than the entire 


Dan Hoffman

Daniel E. Hoffman, CHP, CSP
Radiation Safety Officer
2703 Wagner Place
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
314-654-7906 (office)
314-625-1881 (cell)
daniel.hoffman at covidien.com

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