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Jerry Cohen jjcohen at prodigy.net
Mon Apr 1 18:24:35 CDT 2013

The world has lost  One of its best  scientists and human beings with the 
passing of Ted Rockwell.
He has left us a valuable legacy and will will be sorely missed.

Ted---RIP,   Jerry Cohen

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> Today I received the following message from Teed Rockwell, Ted's son:
> This is Teed Rockwell, sending from my Father's facebook address, to let
> you know that Dad passed away last night a few months before his 91st
> birthday. We all miss him deeply, and can't imagine what the world will be
> like without him. Nevertheless, we are grateful that he lived a long,
> happy, and productive life, and that his passing was quick and relatively
> painless. He had been in hospice for only a few days, and at the end his
> family was with him. I also am deeply struck by the fact that 12 hours
> after his heart and breathing had stopped, and the rest of his body was
> literally stone cold, his heart was still warm. In Tibetan Buddhism this 
> is
> considered to be a sign of a very high level of spiritual realization,
> attained by only a few of the greatest Tulkus, and says a lot about who he
> was.
> When I receive a copy of his obituary, I'll forward it on to the list.
> Regards,*
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